Besides other activities Agro Village proposes a really special and funny experience: excursions in quad. An excursion in Quad among the woods and the hills of Agro Village gives always an enthusiastic experience with the possibility to photograph the flora and the fauna of this beautiful nature.

The passion for Quad also called ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) grew very fast with 4-stroke engine, for 2 passengers, automatic transmission, reverse gear.
Quads are very sicure to make trips on every kind of terrains, silent and comfortable.

Quad (ATV) Tours

The comfortable driving posture allows you to concentrate on the steering and on the accelerator that becomes the main elements of the driving: you steer rotating the handlebar with the help of gas.

After a little practicing you learn that the moving of the body on the saddle are similar to the ones you do on a 2 wheels bike. In off-road the use of this vehicles are really one of the best ways to drive in the nature.

The guides will follow you around for a total sicure trip and with the help equipment if needed ready to give assistance and this gives you also the possibility to learn fast the right techniques to handle and drive the Quad.

Quad (ATV) Tours

The name ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) shows how versatile these machines are but they are usually called Quad that is an american term that means "quadricycle". They look similar to motorcycles but are actually small off-roads.
To drive them you need to have a common driving licence.

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